APR 2 Exponential Growth Forces RITON Expansion and Move for the Second Time in as Many Years

April 27, 2018 by Calley Carpenter in News Stories

In the past 12 months Riton Optics has experienced rather remarkable growth.

While other companies in the firearm, outdoor and optics world are cutting back on their ad expenses, hunkering down for a perceived “slowdown” in market, and even closing their doors forever, RITON can hardly keep products in stock.

It was only a short time ago that the company was started in a small office suite with two employees. Within two years’ time of selling product, the company has expanded into two additional, connected suites and a large shipping and warehouse area. With the addition of operations, marketing and sales staff the company has quickly outgrown their space AGAIN.

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RITON Makes premium quality optics at working man’s prices

Company CEO, Brady Speth, believes in continued expanding with “controlled” growth.

“Our goal is to grow the company while keeping high quality optics and high-end customer service as the core of the business.” RITON grew their team in time for the 2018 SHOT Show, adding a full time operations manager, a national sales manager, contracting with Ace Luciano for strategic initiatives and public relations, and

adding Calley Carpenter as the new Director of Marketing. The new team has already produced great things.

In the last several months, the company has made a concerted effort to get their products in dealer shops around the United States- more than tripling the number of dealers in the past year.
According to RITON’s Director of Sales, Todd Neice, “It’s important for us to make sure that our customers have easy access to the product. Once they pick it up, see the clarity of the glass and the quality of the optic, we know that they will become a valued customer. At RITON, we are pushing the limits in every facet of our sales. For example, we are upping the lifetime warranty game by covering all electronics and electronic prodcts and have implemented a 48 hour turn around for any product that hits the warranty department.”

Another reason RITON has grown so quickly is the extremely favorable business terms for their dealer base. Neice explains, “Dealers across the country are realizing that we are the perfect fit for their business. We offer a tiered program that doesn’t segregate any dealer, so no matter how large or how small, we have a program that fits their needs. We back it up with regional rep customer service and dealer employee training. If you asked our dealers what catches their eye other than the fact that we have top quality products at a working man’s price, it would be our dealer margins- which are some of the best in the business. For our dealers, we work off of a “gross profit”-not “mark up” model. This is a very big advantage for them. Most of the competition work off of “mark up”- which can mean less profit per item for the dealer.”

The movement to create nationwide access to the product line is working and the growth is evident. The company’s recent expansion has allowed them to take on the additional staff and inventory necessary to meet customer needs. It is also likely that with the trending sales, the company will continue to make additions to their team.
With the continued growth, the company has now moved to a new location with additional warehousing and office staff.
“We would like to thank everyone who has supported our brand and company. From our partners in the military and law enforcement to each and every shooter praising our optics, our success is reflective of your support and we greatly appreciate you allowing us to be your partner in your shooting adventures,” says Speth.

As a USA home-grown optics company founded by Law Enforcement and Military veterans RITON takes their commitment to quality and service seriously. Their passion for shooting and the outdoors and those who enjoy it translates into everything they do. From their unlimited lifetime warranty on every product they make, to their high quality control and their dedicated, supportive service staff, RITON puts the customer first. Give them a call, send them an email or find them on the range or at one of their nationwide dealers. 
For more information on RITOn and RITON Optics, Visit ritonoptics.com.