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What is the Riton Optics ProStaff Team?

The Riton Optics ProStaff Team is group of people that have individually applied and been selected to represent the Riton brand all over the United States. They’re shooters, hunters, outdoorsmen and women. They are moms, dads, brothers and sisters. Some are first responders. Some are military and former military. They are writers, authors and hosts of YouTube channels and radio shows. Most of them have full time careers or many work within the industry. Ultimately, they are people who believe in what we are and what we do at Riton and are willing to support the brand in their venue, whether it be at the range, a local gun store or on their social media platforms.

What does a Riton Optics ProStaffer do?

Our ProStaffers are an extension of our company, specifically an extension of our marketing team. They are the face of our company to potential dealers, our customers, and to millions of people on television, radio, digital, and social media.

Each ProStaffer agreement may encompass different requirements specifically tied to the person’s exposure and strong points, but, ProStaffers may be asked to do any or some of the following activities:

  • Make sales representative introductions to dealers in their area
  • Make industry connections with people they know on behalf of Riton
  • Attend events on behalf of Riton
  • Create content (i.e. photographs, videos, article, etc.) for Riton
  • Use and enjoy the Riton products
  • Provide product feedback

What do I receive as a Riton ProStaffer?

Riton ProStaffers will be eligible to receive ProPoints based on their activities, which can be redeemed for Riton products. There are also options for other types of compensation and reimbursements. ProStaffers will also be among the first to receive company news and updates, as well as new products and company gear.

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