1 Tactix Mag3

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The 1 Tactix Mag3 is the perfect companion for the Riton Tactix RRD and ARDs red dots. The 1 Tactix Mag3 features HD glass with windage and elevation adjustments and provides 3x magnification with any paired red dot. The 1 Tactix Mag3 is simple to use with its spring assisted, locking, two position mount, allowing both left and right hand users to quick deploy the magnifier.

  • Fast-Focus Eyepiece
  • Features Ambidextrous, Spring Assisted, Two Position Mount

Ballistics Best Winner

  • Ep Level Clean Room
  • Waterproof and Shockproof
  • Rugged Construction


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01. Full Specs

Parallax Adjustment:Fixed at 50 yards
Tube Diameter:30mm
Objective Lens Diameter:23mm
Focal Lens Position:Second Focal Plane
Lens Coating:Fully Multi-Coated, Full Wide Band, Waterproof Coated, Low Light Enhancement
Eye Relief:3.5in/89mm
Exit Pupil:28mm
Height to Bottom of Housing:0.86in/21.84mm
Included Additional:Spring Assisted Locking Mount
Torque Specifications:Base Nuts: 45 Inch Pounds

02. Key Features

Riton products are designed and built for a variety of end user applications. Each product provides key features to maximize performance and provide you with the functions you need. For a detailed explanation of our key features visit The Riton Promise Page.

  • Dry Nitrogen Purged and Sealed

    Utilizing Nitrogen gas, the optic is purged and sealed to ensure optimal performance in all weather conditions for the life of the optic.

  • Precision Quality Assurance

    Every Riton product goes through a rigorous quality control process by a certified technician in Tucson, AZ. Each product you receive has undergone...

  • Riton HD Glass

    The Riton High Density (HD) glass delivers 99.5% light transmission for enhanced clarity and optimal sight picture.

  • Riton Performance Coating

    Incorporating proprietary fully multi-coated lenses, all Riton optics feature low light enhancement, full wide band, anti-scratch and anti-reflective...

  • Riton Rugged Construction

    The Riton Rugged Construction incorporates the application of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, CNC machined one piece tubes, and Type III Hard Coat Anodize...

03. FAQ's

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04. Ratings/Reviews

9 reviews for 1 Tactix Mag3

  1. Jason Bonney

    This is an awesome addition to any red dot, with 3x magnification it takes the red dot to the next level. Like everything Riton sells, it’s top notch on all levels

  2. Big C

    This magnifier is AWESOME! The enhancement of the dot picture is beyond anything that I used before. The clarity of the glass and ease of use for this piece with a red dot is amazing! You can swivel it pretty quickly when at the range and training. Great product to have on your weapon(s)!

  3. stevrubio

    Magnifiers are fairly straightforward offerings as they do one thing – magnify the image coming through the optic mounted in front of it. That said, most optics companies have their own way of approaching the offering. What drew me to this magnifier was A) the price (killer value), B) the warranty, and C) how well thought it is, meaning Riton didn’t OVERthink it. It flips to the correct side for right hand shooters (easily reversed by re-mounting it in the INCLUDED mount) and locks in such a way that you can’t inadvertently flip it. I have several magnifiers and this one is my favorite.

  4. laur.fach

    Howdy! I just want to tell you all how much I love the MAG3. I have the ARD and MAG3 mounted on a lightweight 16″ AR-15 and my primary use of the firearm is for 2-gun competitions.

    I don’t get outdoors to shoot a ton (because I’m usually at an indoor range) but I feel so fortunate that when I do, that the MAG3 has my back. I used to have a slight anxiety rush when I needed to setup for a long distance shot, but having the MAG3 really changes the game for me.

    In my last outdoor match, I easily hit all of my long shots (ranging from 70-200 yards) that I had previously missed in a match when using a friend’s rifle and super popular brand of scope. Not naming and names, but the ARD and MAG3 combo really helped me zero in on the target and confidently make the shot while under pressure. I was ecstatic when I finished the stage knowing I improved on my long shots thanks to the MAG3. And for the stages where a magnifier is not needed, the optic easily slides to the side to give you a straight view of the ARD red dot.

  5. Philip A

    WOW WOW WOW. Just bought this Magnifier at a local gun ship in Indiana on 1/22/21 that had their grand opening today. They made me a deal I could bring it back if I didn’t like it once I had mounted on my S&W Sport2. I took my other magnifier off and put this one on behind my Eotech 552. This magnifier is amazing. I have 5 -6 inches of eye relief and it is crystal clear. Mount is secure and flip to side action is firm. Best bang for the buck out there. As good or better as the Eotech G33 that I will be returning now.

  6. Brandon

    I’m a long-time hunter (deer, coyote, and anything else) just getting into the tactical world. My nephew recently got out of the Army Rangers, and he brought over his carbine for me to check out. He recommended the Vortex magnifier for my new rig, but the stingy eye relief bugged me. I know from chip shots on running bucks that eye relief and quick target acquisition are essential. I was deliberating between the Vortex VMX-3T and the EOTech G33 until I came upon this magnifier after looking at Riton’s LPVO’s. I was impressed by the long eye relief and the reviews of the excellent glass quality, and decided to take a chance on this magnifier instead of the other two. I’ve never owned or even heard of Riton before this. They are not embellishing the eye relief on this thing, if anything, they’re too modest. I’m getting a good 4-5 inches or so of perfect view. Even if I extend my stock all the way back, there’s not much missing. The glass is very clear for an optic at this price-point, I notice very little chromatic aberration, especially compared to other magnifiers. Definitely clear enough for daytime use and low-light conditions.

    What impressed me most about this optic apart from the eye relief was the quality of the build. This thing is heavy-duty. It weighs a little more than some of its competitors, but it feels more solid. I’m confident I could throw this around my truck or SxS and not worry about breaking it. The included mount is also very heavy and sturdy, not made of cheap pot metal like many optics companies. I was planning on buying an aftermarket mount because I’m so used to companies skimping on their mounts, but I was pleasantly surprised.

    You can tell that Riton paid attention to the details when designing this optic. It’s designed perfectly for my intended purpose of home defense and close range varmint hunting. I had my nephew over today to look at my new AR, and he was impressed with this magnifier. He said he would have bought this if he didn’t already have his vortex.

  7. Michael Kocher

    This 1 Tactix Mag3 is CRYSTAL clear! The eye relief is nice and big. I bought this to pair up with my X3 Tactix ARD and it’s like a perfectly fitting glove. All of the features are super easy to use and adjust. Lots of room for adjustment when aligning the Mag3 with the ARD. This slid right on and aligned wonderfully with the ARD. I love the texture of the finish on both the Mag3 and it’s mount. Another super feature about the mount is that it’s ambidextrous! Perfect for the lefties of the world!

  8. Alva L

    The Riton 1 Tactix mag3 appears well constructed and is easy to mount. I have it paired with the Riton 1 Tactix RRD on my M&P 15 Sport 2 and it lined up well it. The mount is secure and the flip to thw side action is quite firm. This too uis a solid optic and with the warranty it’s a good value.

  9. Connor Gawryszewski

    Love the product! Easy set up to put on any rifle system end the glass is just as clear as the old EOTech magnifier I used to have!

    ONLY reason I put 4 stars was because I’m not a fan of the mount system. Having to push it forward before flipping the magnifier to the side was kind of a drag.

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