Riton Optics Announces Calley Carpenter as the Director of Marketing.

March 5, 2018 by Calley Carpenter

In the face of it’s unprecedented growth in the already crowded optics marketplace, Riton Optics has been scouring the industry in search of key personnel to build their team. With a focus on values, outdoors and support for first responders and military personnel, Riton found the perfect fit with their new Director of Marketing addition, Calley Carpenter.

As a young child Calley was introduced to shooting through the NRA youth shooting programs where she shot competitively for several years. Her love for the outdoors extended to hunting, hiking, camping and archery as she grew older. “Some of the greatest memories that I have with my dad are of us hunting together. Those are memories that I will never forget.”

In addition to growing up as an outdoorswoman and an avid 2A supporter, Calley came from a long line of family owned businesses that supported first responder and military personnel through the manufacture of firearms and defense articles. Calley stated that it was important to transition to a business that operates with the highest set of values and support for service personnel because of her unrelenting passion for those who serve. As the wife to a local police officer, she also knows all too well the joys and pains of being an LE wife. “I am so proud of my husband and those that serve with him. “I am excited to be a part of a team that so strongly believes in supporting law enforcement.”

Beyond a great fit in personality and values, Calley also brings to the team a wide breadth of experience and knowledge. Having worked in the 2A industry as the General Manager and Director of Operations for Abrams Airborne Manufacturing, Inc. and VLTOR Weapon Systems, Calley also held the primary responsibility for marketing for the family of businesses, including Milkor USA, Inc., SkyRider Coffee Shop and Tucson Aeroservice Center. In addition, she has acted as a consultant for other companies in the areas of sales, marketing and event planning. Calley holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, as well as her dual Master’s degree in Business Administration and Leadership.

When asked about her new position and what customers can expect to see, Calley responded with the following:

“Riton is already a great organization. From their amazing customer service to their lifetime, “no questions asked” warranty, they are providing people with superior products at a competitive price. Most importantly, they are there for the customer; not just to get the sale but as support after the purchase. Going forward we will just be expanding on this foundation. Our marketing efforts will be focused on EARNING your business and your trust. We want to get to know you and let you get to know the Riton team.”

Riton is thrilled to have Calley as a new addition to the team, and they are confident that she will be bringing new tools to enhance the customer experience.

We encourage you to contact the Riton team at 855-39-RITON or visit their website at ritonoptics.com