Riton Optics Pre-Ordering

March 24, 2023 by Beth Ingram

On the Riton Optics website customers can now pre-order optics that haven’t arrived in store yet. For our pre-ordered optics you will see an estimated date of arrival on the product page (just above the MPN), once you place a pre-order you will only be automatically billed for that order once the optic ships.

When will my Pre-Order be shipped?

The majority of our pre-order optics estimated release date is 1 April 2023. With the exception of the optics listed below. We will keep you posted on the ETA of these optics.

Additional Information on Pre-Orders during checkout:

  • Please take note that when pre-ordering an item, we can only process one item in your cart at a time. This is because you will only be billed for your pre-order once the item ships and credit cards can’t process multiple transactions at the same time.

Terms and Conditions: Riton to amend these