Riton Optics to Exhibit, Present and 2018 TRIGGRCON

July 23, 2018 by Calley Carpenter

What is, “Triggrcon?”
Triggrcon is a tactical firearms related, 4-day event that takes place in Bellevue, Washington The first two days of the event include a range day with the opportunity to sample and fire different weaponry from a number of manufacturers on site. The “industry day” Thursday is open to both media and firearm industry attendees. The final 2 days of the event are open to the public.

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Each year, Triggrcon showcases the newest, most innovative companies and products in the tactical firearms industry. In order to maintain an intimate and exclusive environment for media and the exhibitors to have real quality time with one another, the number of vendors and attendees for media and industry are capped at a pre-set amount.
For industry professionals, Triggrcon builds on existing relationships while fostering new partnerships. With several leading companies coordinating major product launches for the show for 2018, there should be some “first shots” both on the range and with a camera for media to have something new and exciting for their respective audiences. Media and industry attendees will experience a coordinated effort of manufacturers not seen at other shows while firearms enthusiasts will have a pass to a show that normally is only offered to industry professionals.

Riton Optics, a veteran owned, Arizona-based company with some of the best optics for the money on the market today is participating at the 2018 Triggrcon event as an exhibitor and will be showing and allowing testing of their full product line. For the first time, the production models of the new 1-8x28IR Hunting and Tactical versions of Riton optics will be available at both the booth and in the range for hands on trial. At the Range day event, Riton will be partnering with Patriot Ordinance Factory and Quarter Circle 10 in their respective shooting bays. Additionally, Riton will be presenting two open breakaway sessions during the event where they will introduce the company, the Riton brand, and their product line.
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