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September 14, 2018 by Calley Carpenter

Riton Optics is attending the 2018 SHOOT IT LIVE event on September 15th, in Hiawatha, UT.

SHOOT IT LIVE is a range event that brings shooting enthusiasts and manufacturers together in a fun and interactive atmosphere. With music, food trucks, and tents, it feels very similar to the carnivals we all loved as kids. Once inside, you can purchase tickets to demo/shoot different firearms at different shooting stations for roughly the price of the ammo you are shooting. Your ticket is then used to enter you into a raffle to win a prize a station you select! It’s gets even better though… the entire cost of your raffle ticket doesn’t go towards the event, it goes directly to support Warfighter Made, which is an amazing foundation that takes wounded veterans on therapy trips and modifies vehicles to accommodate their disabilities.

Riton is bringing one stellar set up to the even this year. In addition to getting to view our latest scopes (some that have not even been released for sale yet), participants at the Riton booth will be able to shoot VLTOR Weapon Systems 5.56 suppressed rifles while engaging Gnat Warfare’s mobile targets. And not to give away too many secrets but there may also be some small explosive opportunities at the Riton booth as well as the VLTOR/MILKOR M32A1 40mm Multi-Shot Grenade Launcher.

Come join the Riton crew with their partners, Gnat Warfare and VLTOR Weapon Systems at this crazy, fun event! For more information about the event, visit Shootitliveutah.com