Walter F – USAF – Alaska

January 11, 2018 by Calley Carpenter in Testimonials

Lets start with aesthetics. Out of the box and straight onto my rifle the scope looks great. As far as looks RITON is on par with any high dollar competitor I’ve had the chance to handle and it made me excited to go out and see it in action. Now on performance. The first thing I noticed was that the crosshairs have a crisp clean image and are very easy to look at. Thanks to your help with bore sighting the scope I was on paper with my first shot and from there it took minimal effort to dial everything in. The windage and elevation dials are easy to read as well as precise in their application; and made clean clicks as I was adjusting the scope. Overall I’m very happy with how my RITON scope performed; and with some practice and adjustments I know I’ll be driving tacks in no time!