3 CONQUER 6-24×50 (2022)

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The 3 Conquer 6-24×50 is the scope to help you reach great distance shooting without the normal cost of a distance scope. With Riton HD glass and a First Focal Plane (FFP), illuminated reticle, the 3 Conquer 6-24×50 features exposed, Riton R3 Zero Stop turrets, an integrated throw lever and 30mm tube to help break any distance barrier.

  • Equipped with Riton’s R3 Zero Stop Turrets for Instant and Reliable Return to Zero
  • Integrated Removable Throw Lever
  • 1/10 MRAD Windage and Elevation Adjustment
  • 6 levels of red illumination featuring on/off between each level

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01. Full Specs

Parallax Adjustment:10-infinity
Tube Diameter:30mm
Objective Lens Diameter:50mm
Focal Lens Position:First Focal Plane
Lens Coating:Fully Multi-Coated, Full Wide Band, Waterproof Coated, Low Light Enhancement
Reticle:MPSR, Illuminated
Field of View at 100 yds:16.8ft-4.4ft
Eye Relief:3.3in/85mm
Exit Pupil:Low 8.2 - High 2.1mm
Click Value at 100 yds/m:1/10th MRAD
Adjustment Range:21 MRAD
Mounting Length:6.37in/161mm
Included Additional:Flip Up Lens Covers, Lens Cloth, Allen Wrench

02. Key Features

Riton products are designed and built for a variety of end user applications. Each product provides key features to maximize performance and provide you with the functions you need. For a detailed explanation of our key features visit The Riton Promise Page.

  • Dry Nitrogen Purged and Sealed

    Dry Nitrogen Purged and Sealed-Utilizing Nitrogen gas, the optic is purged and sealed to ensure optimal performance in all weather conditions for the life of the optic.

  • Precision Quality Assurance

    Every Riton product goes through a rigorous quality control process by a certified technician in Tucson, AZ. Each product you receive has undergone...

  • Riton Advanced Turret System

    The Riton Advanced Turret System incorporates Riton’s Zero Stop turrets in one of multiple forms, ensuring repeatable tracking and accuracy.

  • Riton HD Glass

    The Riton High Density (HD) glass delivers 99.5% light transmission for enhanced clarity and optimal sight picture.

  • Riton Performance Coating

    Incorporating proprietary fully multi-coated lenses, all Riton optics feature low light enhancement, full wide band, anti-scratch and anti-reflective...

  • Riton Rugged Construction

    The Riton Rugged Construction incorporates the application of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, CNC machined one piece tubes, and Type III Hard Coat Anodize...

  • Airgun Approved

    Riton scopes are highly rated and suitable for airgun use, offering durability and excellent optical clarity. Designed to withstand the unique recoil patterns and vibrations of airguns...

03. FAQ's

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04. Ratings/Reviews

16 reviews for 3 CONQUER 6-24×50 (2022)

  1. Dave

    First Look At This Scope

    For transparency, I am a Riton ProStaffer, however that does not mean I will skew reviews. I stand by the Riton brand. I wouldn’t be a ProStaffer if i didn’t.

    I have the Riton MOD 5 6-24×50, the MOD 7 4-20×50 and the X3 6-24×50. I am a Special Forces Qualified Sniper and I have been in the US Army for 21 years, mostly Special Operations. I have seen some pretty of the chain optics over my time. Thus, I hope this review helps your decision in the right Riton optic for your rifle and needs.

    Ok so the first look review:
    Riton has improved its optics from the MOD series. This X3 has very audible clicks in the elevation and windage knobs, an integrated throw lever, and a zero stop system that will help you find zero when you forget to turn the dials back.

    The integrated throw lever is awesome and a much needed improvement from the MOD series considering the zoom adjustment is tight, but smooth.

    Unlike the MOD 5 I have, the whole reticle Illuminates. Also, there are 6 power settings of illumination with “off” between each setting. In my opinion you only need off and on.

    The zero stop turret is probably my favorite feature because I forget to turn the dial back to zero every time ?? be careful not to over tighten the screw or the locking mechanism when you install.

    Over all, so far I have yet to shoot with it, I love the optic and it’s a great improvement from the other two I have.

    IG: dol_outdoorsman

  2. Benjamin Adams

    I am not a pro staffer or affiliated with riton optics. I spent 8 years in the Marine corps infantry. I got the x3 conquer 6-24. Didnt have the highest hopes since I usually shoot through glass costing well over this price point. But I got it for prs 22lr. I was actually surprised with the quality. The scope tracks as it’s supposed to the mil reticle is accurate through all ranges of magnification. And when you return to zero it is back at zero. I havent dropped it yet but I did get caught in the rain so it is water proof. At the highest magnification there is very slight distortion but, I have had worse out of pricier scopes still very doable. The illumination isnt overly bright and the larger tube still gathers plenty of light bearing sundown. Overall I would buy this again and I plan to buy more of the higher grade models.

  3. Jordyn Wirt

    I bought two of the 3 Conquers 6-24×50 MRAD reticles. One is on a custom 22-250 that shoots 80 grain bullets and the other on a Remington Ultimate Muzzle loader chamber in 50 Caliber. So far both scopes track without issues. I have went out up to 500 yards with the muzzy and 800+ with the 22-250. The integrated throw lever is very nice. The zero stop is a must and functions well. The scope seems well built. I have only had it in moderate temperatures where the scope should function well. I plan to test out the muzzy and scope on a desert Muledeer hunt in early September. Haven’t had a ton of time with it yet in early light conditions but with what I have seen so far I am pleased. I like it well enough instead of another GEN 1 or 2 Vortex Viper and/or Burris XTR II I’m going to give the X5 a try on my 6.5 PRC.

  4. Damien Callahan

    Decided to upgrade from my Vortex PST Gen I – thought this would be the same quality…I was floored to see it was better. I’d compare this against the PST Gen II that is 2x the cost. I expected to get a lot of chromatic abberation at the top of the magnification power, it was still very clear around the entire reticle all the way to the edges. Yes, Vortex has a lifetime warranty like Riton. But unfortunately I’ve used their warranty several times. Yes the customer service was nice but I shouldn’t know the Vortex service team by name. So glad I ran into a writer from Ballistic Magazine that told me to get this brand. Nice reticle with floating dot, illumination. Zero stop. Riton crushed it! Can’t wait to try the X5 or X7.

  5. Gregory Evans

    I own this scope and this is my first Riton Optic. When I first unboxed it, the overall feel of the scope was great. It was very rugged, had a nice finish, the W/E knobs were very tactile, and glass was clear as crystal. I took off the throw lever because I just don’t care for them, but it was solid too if you are that sort of person who likes them. You just have to reintroduce the included screw back in the socket to fill the void. I torqued it to spec and I took it to the range. From 1-16 power I can’t say I’ve ever seen clearer. I have used a Vortex Razor and I find this Riton to be very comparable. The glass to me is the same quality. Obviously the Razor has a 34mm tube and this has a 30 mm tube, but there is plenty of light gathering from this tube. The reticle is what I enjoyed the most. It is very clear and to me easy to see from 6 all the way to 24 even when it gets small in FFP. I dialed it up to 24x once but there was a ton of mirage coming off my barrel (very hot windy day and I had fired over a hundred rounds) that I dialed back to 16 where I generally prefer. The 24 is clear no doubt though because before I put it on the rifle I dialed in and out and used parallax and fine tuning adjustments and saw what I thought was easily a mile pretty clearly. I wish I could put a pic of my shot group up but my overall 5 shot group was 0.55″ in 6.5 Creedmoor Hornady BTHP at 100 yds. My over all three shot group was 0.263 inches” same caliber.

  6. Mike

    I am always skeptical of new things. I have used Vortex optics for a long time and they have worked really well for me. I found these scopes at a local retail store and found out they were based here in Tucson. I decided to take a closer look due to the proximity. The staff that helped me and my family were very attentive to my needs as I was not looking to break the bank but I still wanted to see longer distances. The price was great and the lifetime warranty, even better. To my surprise, the eye relief and clearness of the glass were incredible. I love to hunt but I am not an avid hunter. I’m just an average joe that believes in good deals. I couldn’t be happier with my Riton and Im going in as soon as possible to get another one for the new rifle I just picked up.

    On a side note, I literally put down my binoculars to look through the scope on many different occasions because the eye relief was that good. Couldn’t be happier.

  7. Jeromy Knepp

    What a great scope! Clear glass and a clean reticle. This thing has a ton of options for the price range. I suggest this scope to anyone looking for the best bang for their buck. Thanks Riton for a solid product!!!

  8. Dave

    Update from my first review. The rating is somewhere in between four and five stars. Everything I had said in my first review is on point, and since then I have shot more than 200 rounds in my 30-06 Howa.

    Tracking: the tracking is great as far as I can tell, more specifically the reticle relationship with the elevation and windage turrets is superb. To test this I shot in shot at a target aiming center but hit 2.1 mils left and 4.2 mils high at 200rds (using the reticle and measuring the distance from center) In turn I adjusted the turrets for zero. My next shot was just below center. That’s pretty impressive from my standpoint.

    Clarity: sometimes it seems difficult to get the clarity to work out. However, adjusting the optical lens focus and the parallax helps. Maybe my eyes are just bad ?‍♂️.

    IG: dol_outdoorsman

  9. Aaron and Amy (verified owner)

    My wife and I are pro staffers for Riton, for about 1 year now. I have been a SWAT Sniper for 17 yrs on a Police department and have used several optics during that time. I also Predator hunt just about every weekend. I have used other big name scopes and own some. Since using the x3 6X24x50 with a lighted reticle. I have switched out all the big name brand scopes to Riton. Because of better eye relief, better quality and have had no issues with Riton. You don’t have to pay for the name to get what you need. With Riton. They are affordable and have a lifetime guarantee. Just try one and you will see the difference.

  10. stevrubio

    I was looking for a “unicorn” of an optic for my 224 Valkyrie upper build: I needed something in first focal plane with a very usable reticle that was well under $1000. After much research (and even considering moving optics from existing rifles) I settled on this one, the X3 6-24 x 50, and I couldn’t have made a better choice. Super clear image that excels in lower light situations, great reticle that offers several points of reference without being so busy it clouds the image, and perhaps my favorite feature (albeit a small one) – included integrated throw lever. That is something every optic maker should put on every product. Bravo, Riton!

  11. Tayler Tibbitts

    I’ve had this rifle scope since early 2020 and have enjoyed getting it dialed in on my Tikka 6.5 Creedmoor. I’ve previously been an MOA guy, but the transition to MILs has been pretty seamless really. Sight picture is very good. Used it to take my first spot and stalk black bear from 524 yards this past June. Highly recommend.

  12. Alan

    This was my first purchase of a Riton scope. I gave it a try after years of both higher end and lower end optics. I am extremely happy with the results after 6 months of hard use. The glass is excellent and the MRAD turrets and Christmas tree reticle are perfect for my use as a long distance precision shooter. Sighting in was simple and after only three shots downrange I was ready to set the zero stop turrets and then I was good to go.

    I have taken this scope and rifle combination out past 1000 meters and the Riton 3 Conquer performs flawlessly. While there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to shooting over long distances, I’ve found that this scope is reliable as hell.

    It’s also a tremendous value and frankly performs absolutely on par with scopes that I have paid three or four times more for. A small but very appreciated touch is that it comes out of the box with an integrated throw lever, which is something that I have not seen on other scopes (usually you need to buy it as an added accessory).

    All told I was extremely pleased with this scope and indeed I just bought a second one. I also like supporting LEO and Military veteran owned businesses and so this really ticks all of the boxes for me.

  13. Beau

    I have the Riton X3 6-24×50. Ive never owned a scope that i really considered to be a high end scope because to me they where all the same. That was so untrue once i looked through this optic. The glass is crystal clear to look through and i love the lighted reticle! I am a pro staffer for Riton, but if i were not tomorrow i would still buy these optics in the future.

  14. Darren

    Very good for the price range! I have had quite a few higher priced optics from various manufacturers and these exceed many of the well known optics that cost double or triple the price. The glass is super clear and the retical is crisp. You do get a tiny bit of distortion at the maximum magnification, but I have seen way worse in far pricier optics. Overall, this optic is well worth the money and would definitely recommend it to any level of shooter.

    Riton’s customer service is another plus. Although I haven’t had to use the warranty, I have had to call and email for questions regarding what scope rings would be best and so on and they are prompt and very knowledgeable with their reply. Not surprising with a Veteran and LEO owned business. Check them out!

  15. Mark

    I am a life long hunter in the Rockies. I got an 3 Conquer 6-24X 50 . This scope is by far the best value. The quality is excellent. I took a 340 class bull at 540 yards with perfect clarity and yardage compensation that was spot on.

  16. Darrell Newman (verified owner)

    I used my brother’s 5 conquer on a 6.5 and was spinning 4 inch steel targets like a roulette wheel at 500 yards (hit 8 out of 10). I got the 3 conquer for my 6.5 because of the lesser price but expect it to do the same. When I have some more play money, I will add another Riton for my newly bought 300 PRC and see how far I can reach.

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