Riton Optics Announces Jimmy Gibson as Sales Representative for TOLA Territory

February 20, 2018 by Calley Carpenter in News Stories

RITON Optics, an American Veteran-owned optics company that has stormed onto the US tactical, long range and hunting market, announces that Jimmy Gibson will represent RITON in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.
RITON hired Jimmy because firearms and shootting is “in his blood.” You see, Jimmy’s family has been involved in the firearms industry since he was a small child. As a matter of fact, Jimmy, literally “grew up on a gun range” in Texas that his family still owns and operates. As a youth, Jimmy developed a passion for competitive shotgun shooting and still competes to this day. As Jimmy got older, he became more involved with the management and continuous development of gun ranges in Texas and Arizona. Today, Jimmy teaches several firearms courses and holds instructor certifications in several different shooting disciplines.

RITON is happy to have him.

A relative newcomer to the optics world, if you haven’t checked out RITON optics, you owe it to yourself to visit ritonoptics.com to learn why they claim the BEST VALUE at EVERY PRICE POINT. Companies that have quality products also have great warranties.

RITON’s Replacement Warranty:
If, at any time, your Riton product has issues and is not functioning in the manner it should – NO MATTER WHAT – they will replace it.
Not “repair.”
There are no “warranty cards” or “online forms” or “receipts” necessary. Simply send your optic and contact information to RITON, and they’ll send you another.

Please join the RITON team in welcoming Andrew to the RITON family!

Have questions on RITON Optics or want explore putting them in YOUR product mix? Give them a call at 1-855-39-RITON

RITON Optics Opens Application Window For Pro Staff, Influencer Team Members

February 6, 2018 by Calley Carpenter in News Stories

RITON Optics, A US Based, Military and Law-enforcement, Veteran-Owned Company, is seeking pro staff and influencer team members NATIONWIDE. Interested Parties can learn about and apply at the RITON Optics Media Website. Application period ends 3-15-2018.

What does it mean to be a RITON “Pro Staff” member?

To RITON, it means you’re a “member of the family”

The RITON team is a close-knit group. They know that whatever they do and wherever they go, their deeds and actions reflect upon not only the company, but each one of the employees and members of the pro team.

RITON Pro Staff Members need to be PASSIONATE about what they do.
They are DRIVEN to design, build and sell what they truly believe to be the best optics on the planet.

If you want to join the RITON team, you need to believe that, too.

Who are the RITON Pro Staff?

They’re shooters. Hunters. Outdoorsmen and Women. They are normal folks just like you. They are Moms, Dads, Brothers and Sisters. Some are first responders. Some are military and former military. They are writers and authors, hosts of YouTube channels and radio shows, “good-ole-boys” and girls and red-white-and-blue-blooded AMERICANS that believe we live in the greatest country on earth, are proud of our heroes in uniform and non, and believe that great optics don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Most importantly, the RITON Pro Staff are the face of the company to dealers, customers, and to millions of people on television, radio, digital, and social media and need to be and perform at the highest level of professionalism.

If you want to join one of the best, fastest- growing companies in the optics space, click HERE to drop them a line and let them know WHY- but make sure you do it before March 15th!!