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January 16, 2020 by Calley Carpenter


Tucson, Arizona (January 16, 2020)- All new for 2020, Riton Optics is introducing a new line of optics complete with proprietary, high performance reticles and enhanced features all at the industry’s best value. The new line has been touted as the industry’s new, better way to buy optics, breaking from the normal confusion of abstract product designations with an intuitive buying guide.

The Riton Optics Application Series designates optics by their most common usage. The application designator provides consumers with an easy way to match their needs with the correct optic, as each optic in the series is designed for the specific application from the features to the reticles.

The Riton Optics Conquer Series, specifically, is for those shooters seeking ultimate precision to conquer any distance or competition. With maximum magnifications ranging from 15 to 32 power, the Conquer optics are meant for PRECISION LONG DISTANCE shooting.

The reticles in the Conquer Series were designed with ample references points for ranging and measuring targets, while also allowing for quick follow up shots. Complete with integrated throw levers and Riton Zero Stop turrets, the Conquer series of optics also features Riton HD and HD/ED glass ensuring optimal clarity.

From Jerimiah Alexander, Business Development Manager at Riton Optics, “I have always found so much excitement in sending a projectile 1, 2 or 3 miles down range to hear that DING, and I thought that feeling couldn’t be beat. Then my wife and children shot their first mile, and I realized my excitement was even greater watching them. At Riton, we designed the Conquer line so anyone can experience that feeling and conquer the distance.”

Riton Optics offers Conquer Series scopes in their price-conscious X1 line all the way up to their high-end X7 line, allowing for the opportunity to reach out and conquer the distance regardless of budget.

The Conquer Series currently includes the following Scopes:

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