Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge (RMAC) 2023: A Thrilling Airgun Competition for Everyone

June 27, 2023 by Beth Ingram

The much-awaited Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge (RMAC) 2023 kicked off with a vibrant atmosphere as participants eagerly set their sights on the upcoming challenges. RMAC is the pinnacle of airgun competitions. RMAC is hosted by Utah Airguns and proudly hailed as the world’s premier airgun event. Located among a valley of towering mountains in Springville, Utah, RMAC attracts marksmen from all over the world for an unforgettable week of competition and challenges. 

RMAC has four different challenges all which require a PCP airgun. Of these challenges some require the shooter to be extremely precise with their shot and others just need to hear the word “impact”. 

The RMAC 100 yd Benchrest:

An event that requires precise shooting in a limited amount of time. Each shooter will have 30 minutes to shoot 25 small scored paper targets with only one shot at each target. For this event .35 caliber airguns may be used. The most common airgun caliber at this challenge is a .30 cal. 

Precision Marksman Challenge:

Shooters are required to shoot from many types of positions and obstacles such as prone, kneeling, and inside boats and trucks. These targets are mostly steel and some at distances well past 100 yards. You’ll even see some targets as small as a penny on this challenge. These shots are extremely difficult and only the best shooters will come out on top.

The Speed Challenge:

A head to head challenge that tests the shooter’s abilities to shoot fast and accurately. Squads are split into 8-10 people with 2 shooters on the range at the time. This event is one of the most fun to watch as you see the competition unfold right before your eyes. 

Big Bore Slug Challenge:

This event is loud, make sure to bring your ear protection! These airguns are shooting .50 caliber projectiles and bigger. Shooting out anywhere from 75 to 300 yards, this event is extremely exciting! Hearing the big steel plates ring at such a distance with an airgun is like something you’ve never seen before.    

 Day 1:

The first day of RMAC 2023 was primarily focused on preparations and anticipation. Among the busy activities of setting up targets for the challenges ahead, the Riton booth stood tall, ready to showcase optics throughout the event. Meanwhile, back at the house, target practice was commencing and numerous faces were welcomed from the Riton and Umarex teams. Over delicious food, discussions revolved around optics and airguns, setting the stage for a week filled with camaraderie, marksmanship, and knowledge-sharing.

Day 2: 

Day 2 commenced with an early start as participants gathered for the 7:30 AM shooters meeting. Following this, the Pro’s embarked on the challenging 100-yard bench rest competition, while the Sportsmen engaged in the demanding Precision Marksman challenge. However, the day presented a difficult challenge due to heavy winds and rain. As rain fell, visitors flocked to the vendor tents, exploring the array of airgun products. Engaging conversations ensued at the Riton Optics booth, as it became a meeting point for fresh faces eager to learn about their airgun-rated optics. Nevertheless, after a few hours, the sun emerged, accompanied by calmer winds, revitalizing the competition on the range. Ultimately, it was a rewarding and eventful day, characterized by precise shots at 100 yards using Umarex airguns equipped with Riton Optics.

Day 3: 

On Day 3, the exhilarating speed challenge awaited the participants. Randomly divided into 8-10 person squads, shooters engaged in head-to-head challenges against their fellow squad members, combining accuracy with rapid shooting. The challenge captivated spectators with its display of skill and precision. After the excitement of the speed challenge, participants shifted gears and prepared for the final event of the day, the 100-yard bench rest. This quiet and focused challenge demanded shooters to deliver their best shots within a 30-minute window, with minimal distractions.

Day 4: 

Day 4 witnessed an array of unique challenges designed to push the marksmanship abilities of the Pro’s. From firetruck targets to military-style vehicles and even a ski lift, the stage was set for a grand display of skill and accuracy. With ideal wind conditions and small targets placed at significant distances, this challenge was a highlight at RMAC 2023. Additionally, the big bore challenge on Day 4 entailed shooting at steel targets located beyond 300 yards. Notably, Jerimiah Alexander hit the steel tiger target at an impressive distance of 225 yards using the Umarex Hammer equipped with the 7 Conquer 4-32×56. This day showed the thrilling nature of RMAC, showcasing the unconventional power and precision of the airguns on display.

No Shortage of Fun!

RMAC 2023 was an exceptional event that brought together individuals united by their passion for airguns. Beyond the intense competition, the event promoted engaging conversations among brands, friends, and fellow enthusiasts. From the excitement of the challenges to the opportunity to learn and share knowledge, RMAC proved to be an unforgettable experience. There was no shortage of fun at RMAC 2023!