Stands the Test of Time – Riton Optics

August 21, 2023 by Beth Ingram

Elite Pro Staff Member’s Review – Dan Smith

Stands the test of time – Since 2019 I’ve owned this optic, I’m talking about the RT-S Mod 1 4×32 from Riton Optics! During my research for a simple scope that I just wanted to have fun with, I stumbled upon Riton Optics, a brand I had never encountered before. For some time I continued my search for the perfect optic and I explored other brands. However, there was something intriguing about Riton Optics that I couldn’t quite pinpoint. So, I dove into the Riton Brand.

Affordability Doesn’t Mean Poor Quality

After learning more about the company and its offerings, I decided to pull the trigger and purchase the optic. With the surprisingly affordable price, I wasn’t expecting much with the overall quality of the product. But a few days later, when the scope arrived, I was genuinely impressed, even before mounting it. The build quality was exceptional, the glass was very clear and there were no color hues to the glass. The reticle was easily visible and super crisp. The turrets were clicky and tactile when adjusted and I liked the way they would lock in case they were bumped, It would still hold zero.

At this point, I was very excited to get this optic mounted and put it to the test. Yet again, it shined even more when I put it through the paces. I was sure that it was going to be finished for what I was going to put it through. But each test further highlighted its capabilities, solidifying my belief in its durability and performance. Mounting it on a diverse range of firearms with varying calibers. To provide examples, it has been mounted on; a 223 bolt action, a 300 win mag bolt action, a 308 bolt action, a 458 Socom AR-10, a 12 gauge shotgun, and just for fun, a 50 BMG. Despite enduring such a wide range of different firearms and calibers, it has never lost its zero. The glass never cracked, not one thing on this optic ever faltered. 

Riton Optics Fan for Life

For the first time, an optic that didn’t break the bank and had this kind of build quality had me astounded. Up until this point I have never had an optic that has impressed me this much. Ever since the day I purchased this optic I have been a huge fan of Riton Optics. 

Riton’s Current Suggestions

If you are also in the market for an affordable, yet quality and durable backed scope like the one Dan loves, we suggest the 1 Primal 4-12×50 or the 1 Primal 4-16×44.