3 Primal 3-12×56 SFP MOA: Unleashing Your Shooting Potential

July 25, 2023 by Holly Ethridge

Enhanced Precision and Clarity

The Riton Optics 3 Primal 3-12×56 SFP MOA ensures enhanced precision and clarity, covering a versatile 3x to 12x magnification range for various shooting scenarios. Additionally with a 56mm objective lens diameter, it delivers bright and clear images even in low-light conditions, perfect for swift and accurate target acquisition during dawn or dusk hunting.


Second Focal Plane (SFP) MOA Reticle

The Primal 3-12×56 SFP MOA features a Second Focal Plane (SFP) reticle, providing shooters with consistent reticle sub tensions throughout the magnification range. The reticle maintains its size relative to the target, ensuring accurate holdovers and range estimations, which is particularly useful for engaging moving targets or making quick adjustments. The MOA (Minutes of Angle) reticle offers precise shot placement with its minute sub tension adjustments, allowing for precise elevation and windage corrections to help you nail those challenging shots at varying distances.


Durability and Reliability for the Field

Riton Optics built the Riton Optics 3 Primal 3-12×56 SFP MOA with durability in mind. Constructing it from a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum. This robust construction ensures the scope can endure the rigors of the field and maintain zero under heavy recoil. Moreover, the scope is purged with nitrogen and sealed with O-rings, making it both fog-proof and waterproof. Rain or shine, you can rely on the Primal 3-12×56 to perform flawlessly. Maintaining clarity and ensuring your scope stays clear, even in the most challenging weather conditions.


Easy and Intuitive Controls on the 3 Primal 3-12×56 SFP MOA

The Primal 3-12×56 SFP MOA comes equipped with tactile and easy-to-use controls. Additionally the finger-adjustable turrets enable precise, repeatable adjustments, while the capped design protects your zero setting during outdoor adventures.

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