30mm/1in Precision QD Scope Mount

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The Riton 30mm/1in Precision Quick Detach (QD) Scope Mount provide you with a one-piece, rapid deployment option for your scopes with a 30mm and 1 inch tube diameter. Precision machined from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum, the mount is optimal for weight savings and strength.

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01. Full Specs

Finish:Black Anodize
Material:6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Fits Tube Size:30mm or 1 inch (inserts for 1 inch)
Center Scope Height:1.79in/45.46mm
Rail Width:.83in/21mm
Torque Specifications:Ring Screws: 15 Inch Pounds

02. FAQ's

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If you have any questions regarding this product please submit them to info@ritonoptics.com or call us on 855-397-4866. We really appreciate our customers feedback and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do your products have a warranty?

Our Warranty is Simple:

  • Riton Optics Lifetime warranty will cover all variable rifle scopes (non-electro-optics) and accessories, the 2-year warranty will cover electro-optics.
  • The Riton Optics warranties will cover all owners regardless of original purchaser.
  • Contact Riton Optics to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Please email us at info@ritonoptics.com or call us 855-397-4866. Products returned without acquiring a Riton Optics RMA number will not be processed.
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  • Communication regarding product repairability or replacement will be communicated within two business days of receiving and approving of return.

Learn more about our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

What are the torque specs for the 30mm/1in QD mount?

Riton recommends 18 in/lbs for our rings and 45 in/lbs for the base nuts.

I’ve tried to mount the RT-M 30mm QD Mount on my AR-15. The rings work well with the scope I have, but the mount itself it loose when mounted to the upper receiver. The QD levers are fully engaged. What else can I try?

Move the levers to the open position. Push one of the levers in and at the same time rotate the nut on the opposite side of the mount to tighten or loosen the mount. Repeat for the other lever. Reinstall the mount on the rail.

03. Ratings/Reviews

8 reviews for 30mm/1in Precision QD Scope Mount

  1. sgtbellotti

    Good solid mount.
    Stays put.

  2. Mica LaGross

    Solid mount with a great price. Mounts my x3 tactix to my Spikes Tactical AR. Easy to mount!

  3. Dave

    This mount is pretty damn good. I use it with a back up scope Incase I need it. Luckily so far I have not needed the backup scope. However, at the range I test my zero often by first “re-zeroing” my back up scope , then my primary. On and off is always super easy and zero stays put.

    IG: dol_outdoorsman

  4. James Lawson (verified owner)

    Steady and solid. Best QD mount ive ever owned

  5. Dan

    Built solid and exceptionally finished! The mount is a perfect match to my Riton 3 TACTIX 1-8×24 on my 300 blackout. The quick disconnect latches lock in place and secure the Optic to the Picatinny rail very securely and it just simply looks good! I highly recommend this mount!

  6. Drew

    Replaced my vortex one when I switch to the X3 Tactix. Love the QD freature. Solid and strong.

  7. Michael Kocher

    AWESOME QD MOUNT!! This thing is sweet as; just love the way the locking lever and the mount locks and unlocks, super cool! For this quality at this price, unbeatable!! This thing has taken some and it hasn’t budged in the slightest way.

  8. Bruce Hardman

    I tried several higher-end/more-expensive QD mounts and they would not even cradle the scope as concentrically as this one, and would not lock up on rail as consistently. This is an excellent go-to and reliable mount I use with 1″ and 30mm optics. Thanks Riton!

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