3 TACTIX MPRD (2020)

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The 3 Tactix MPRD (Micro Pistol Red Dot) is an extremely compact and versatile pistol red dot with a 3 MOA dot that will ensure ultimate precision and rapid target acquisition. Designed with a Shield-type footprint, the optic features a 12 hour auto shut off and 10 levels of brightness with night vision compatibility on levels 1-2. For questions about mounting, please see our MPRD mounting kit or visit our FAQs page.

  • 1 MOA Windage and Elevation Adjustment
  • Shield RMSc Type Footprint
  • 10 levels of Red Illumination
  • Night Vision Compatible on Levels 1-2
  • Accepts One CR2032 Battery
  • 50,000 Hours Battery Life


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01. Full Specs

Parallax Adjustment:Parallax Free
Lens Coating:Fully Multi-Coated, Low Light Enhancement
Dot Size:3 MOA
Eye Relief:Unlimited
Click Value at 100 yds:1 MOA
Adjustment Range:70 MOA
Width:0.98 in/25mm
Battery: CR2032
Included Additional:Battery, Mounting Tools, Screws
Torque Specifications:MPRD to Slide: 8 Inch Pounds

02. Key Features

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03. FAQ's

Have any questions?

Check out Riton University for in depth videos about our optics.

For questions about mounting, please visit our FAQs page.

If you have any further questions regarding this product please submit them to info@ritonoptics.com or call us at 855-397-4866. We really appreciate our customers feedback and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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What is the torque spec for installation of the MPRD?

The advised torque spec is roughly 10-12 in/lbs. However, it is recommended that you consult the manufacturer of the slide or slide cut professional.

04. Ratings/Reviews

9 reviews for 3 TACTIX MPRD (2020)

  1. Shane Revels

    I have this on my Sig P365XL. One I love the XL and 2 the MPRD is icing on the cake! For as little as it is, the sight glass is very visible and easy to pick up. I haven’t sighted it in just yet but doing dummy drills, I can pick up red dot easily. Also, the construction of it very well made with its size. The 12 hour shut off is nice too. Once I’m home from work, I know it’ll shut off in a bit until the am when I press either brightness button. Well done Riton!!!

  2. theshootingpad

    I love it! I have this on a Glock 34 MOS and it works great! Im not a huge fan of Glocks but this has helped me enjoy it more. It has plenty of brightness settings for any lighting. It’s sturdy, lightweight and holds its zero. I use it in the open division for indoor GSSF matches and it has helped me score higher, faster. Once I upgrade to the PRD this will definitely be going on my EDC!


    I purchased the X3 Tactix MPRD for my Springfield Hellcat. I read that some people had a few issues with mounting the optic. I did as well. The screws provided with the optic are a slight bit to long. The optic would til backward while mounted. Then I read that some people had to file or grind down the screws about half a millimeter. Once that was done it fit perfectly. No movement at all now. I was also able to co witness with my iron sights. The sights stick up enough for me to get a small sight picture even with the optic mounted. I have not taken it to the range to see if I’m on target or not. I did notice that the turrets for the adjustment did not give a click feel or sound for the adjustment made. You have to pay attention to the adjustment lines on the optic. Nothing that makes the purchase of the optic a deal breaker. I will say so far im happy with the purchase.

  4. David D.

    Bought this for my Springfield Hellcat OSP. I installed the sight and had an issue with it tilting on the slide. After reading some forums that said you might have to file/grind down the mounting screws by 0.50 mm. Once I did that the optic fit perfectly. I was able to get a small sight picture with the optic installed. I was also able to cowitness the red dot to the iron sights. Took it to the range to see if the optic was sighted in correctly and make sure I did not need to adjust the zero. My first shot was at 50 yards and it was a inch or 2 to the left of center from standing free hand. After that took a few fun shots at a steel target at 100 yards and was able to hit steel. I am absolutely happy with the optic but gave 4 stars for having to grind down the screws.

  5. Travis S

    Glock 48 Mos, just added this red dot to it, so far I love it, cant wait to get it sighted in fully did some adjustments to it, but overall happy with it.

  6. Tyler Maxfield

    Love mine in my hellcat osp only issue was the screws being a tad bit long very well worth the money

  7. MICHAEL Hopkins

    I love this optic I use it everyday on my carry glock 43x but as a left handed person carrying iwb I found out fast that when I check the optic periodically threw out the day it was either very dimm or off entirely then I realized that the holster would turn it down or off now I trained myself to hit the button upon presentation but I would like to not think about it flush or recessed buttons would be the answer though not as tactile it would make it better for carry which alot of people use it for that being said don’t regret my purchase one bit im a firm believer there is always room for improvement

  8. firefighter359259

    A review…. Kinda funny.

    So this sight, in my opinion, is the best I’ve seen. At least for a micro handgun.

    It mounts directly on a Glock 43x… has brightness adjustment up and down.. nice mold to the gun and the finish is matt…

    Well it at least matches the Glock slide…….

    Holds zero

    Easy to install

    You can adjust the brightness

    Double touch to totally turn off

    Basically an RMRcc. Just a little short, in my opinion, of ruggedness …. However, that’s probably why an RMR is $500 plus….
    And I don’t plan on going to war with a concealed carry weapon.


    Crimson Trace, Shield Arms, Holoson…. Wait!!!!

    Check this sight out first!!!

    You might be surprised like I was.

  9. bryhickam

    My first pistol red dot. I have it mounted on my edc Glock 48 mos. So far I like it, however

    IMPORTANT: the screws are too long for this pistol, especially the right side. The screw impeded the extraction pin on my pistol and I effectively had a single shot; no good. I removed the sight and had no issues. I have not remounted but I plan on using the Glock slide plate screws on that side or filing down the Riton screw. I hope the at this will be noted on the website at some point because it made me concerned that there was in issue with the gun and/or the ammo I was shooting.

    I do like that it is packaged with 2 sets of mounting/sighting tools, I put one in the safe and one in the wallet for jic. Easy to adjust and mount. On the highest 3 brightness settings the dot is surrounded by a red band of scattered light but I can’t shoot with it that bright anyway.

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